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2016 Contributing Exhibitor, Forbidden Colors, al-Quds Gallery, Washington, DC

2013 Contributing Exhibitor, League of Arab States Reception, Ronald Reagan Atrium Gallery, Washington, DC

2012 Contributing Exhibitor, “The Art of Rebellion”, Museo del Brigantaggio (Museum of Theivery), Itri, Italy

2012 Contributing Exhibitor, Palestine: Memories, Dreams, Perseverance, Northeast Gallery, United Nations, New York, NY


2011 Solo Exhibit, “Of Refuge, Of Home”   Al-Quds Gallery, Washington, DC

2011 Ghost Illustrator & Designer. “Washington” Numbers Alive! Books for Young Travelers

2004 Contributing Exhibitor, “Young Master’s Exhibition", Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas

Winter Tangerine

Al-Hurrah News

Washington Post's The Express

The Washington Blade


The Dallas Morning News

The Fort Worth Star Telegram

Adam is a designer, urbanist, and artist living in Washington, DC
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Artist Statement

Do you know that moment between sleeping and being awake? I call that blurred line between awareness and unconsciousness “twilight.” My artwork is a form of personal exploration into twilight. It channels directly from the experience of waking up from a dream and recounting the surreal stories and mythical landscapes of memory.


As an artist, I take found objects and images and layer stories without regard to time, place, or context, inspired by cinemographic film stills, personal photography, and memories. Sometimes I use traditional collage techniques and create stories utilizing found objects, paper, and digital images. Other times my process takes a more subtle form by splicing drawings or paintings layered upon each other.


My goal is to create a highly layered and symbolic language that—while having specific personal meaning—viewers can reimagine for themselves. My projects range from unfiltered expressive works that are therapeutic reflections to more explicit reactions to current events, travel, or ancestry.

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