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a series of family portraits and installations reflecting upon ancestory and home | 2011

Adam Chamy explored identity, myth, and home through a series of portraits and installation works interweaving themes of migration, roots, and belonging.


Faces of maternal Texan farmers hang side by side with Jerusalemite merchants, forming a the story of a bicultural Arab-Americana. One has centuries-old ties to land through ancient, forced settlement of the American South.


The other, an enterprising global Levantine merchant family, faces a broken homeland severed by colonization and war. Together these fragmented myths and stories formulate an identity questioning the idea of home. 

Nicholas DeSimini, Acrylic on shipping crate , 2011

John Chamy, acrylic and mixed media on shipping crate, 2011 
Private collection 

Mom and Dad, Mixed Media in Luggage, 2011

Gran, Mixed Media on Canvas and Chair, 2011

Salem Shami, Mixed Media on Canvas and Chair, 2011

Granddaddy (or Jack Daniel), Acrylic, License plate on Medicine Cabinet Mirror,23 in. x 28.5 in.

Self Portrait, Mixed Media on Canvas and Crate, 2011

Sitti, 22 x 40 x 19,Acrylic, beads, paper, found objects, lights on trunk & wood // 2011

84 inches x 36 inches x 2 inches
Keys,  Ribbon, Door, Recording, and Acrylic.
15.45 min

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