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n. a chart or map showing the positions of a heavenly bodies for a distinct period of time for purposes of celestial navigation, astronomy, and astrology.

visual diaries 2016-2017

This series of works started spontaneously in late September 2016 to Spring 2018 as a series of visual diaries .  These works serve as an experiment in personal storytelling. I layered images from the days and weeks of my life with each work forming a visual collage that attempts to express an emotions associated with particular time periods. In a sense, they are an “ephemeris”. In astrony, an ephemeris is a guidebook of the stars that locates planets, stars, and satellites in the vasteness of space. These works became a lodestar guide that helped me reflect on the tumultuous political and personal traumas of the year.


Living in the District of Columbia, the works became as much about the anxiety about the Trump election and as my own personal experiences. The political ups and downs coincided with turning 30, close female friends becoming ill, and my own mother undergoing treatment for cancer. Powerful women in my life were becoming ill just as feminist movements were gaining visibility.


As I layered new images- compositions that fostered an aesthetic grounding helped clarify life’s events in this national context.  In the end, the works became deeply layered imagery that have served as a method of healing and introspective expression.

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